Emil being illusTeam IAM Spirit Art offers 20 min., 30 min., or 1 hour in-person sessions  at fairs, parties, and scheduled events, or 1 hr. Teleconference sessions from the comfort of your home.

A Medium & Channel for Spirit; Ginny makes the connection with your Guide and relays a detailed message to you from them after she describes their attributes to Clairvoyant & Channel Spirit Guide Artist Susan, who then illustrates an 11×14 inch pastel/color pencil portrait, as she facilitates energies to infuse the drawing.

Each portrait is energetically empowered with a stronger connection to your Guide and whole guidance team, also providing healing energy.

How is this Spirit-connection made?

A Medium is someone who can “see” or “hear” or “sense” a being from a higher dimension (or vibration level) which includes Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, or Clairsentience and psychic abilities.

As a “Channel” the Spirit Guide communicates and flows energy through your temple (body).

Private Parties

Schedule a home-party* (or gathering)  in the Puget Sound area by arranging a minimum of (4) 30 minute sessions for guests, and you as the Host(ess) receive a 30 minute session free!

Contact Us

Please call or email to set up an appointment and check our posts to see what Events we may be participating in.

Pricing for in-person sessions:

• $60 ~ 20 min. (black and white pastel with color eyes)

• $90 ~ 30 minute (color sketch)

• $160 ~ 1hr. (full color drawing)

Sessions are available at fairs, parties, and scheduled events.

• $160 ~ Teleconference sessions are available only in the one-hour full-color sessions, they include an MP3 recording of the message, sent by email, and the drawing is shipped by mail. (You will get an email copy of the photo immediately after the session.)



Teleconference session:

Buy Teleconference Session Now






The following buttons are for in-person sessions only:

Buy 30 min. Session Now

Buy 1hr. Session Now


*Although we call this a “party” we ask that everyone respect the Divinity of  Spirit and avoid intoxication or drug use. It will be the responsibility of the Host(ess) to remove anyone who is disruptive. We reserve the right to cancel the event and refund monies to those who have not received their session. In the event of a cancellation the Host(ess) will forfeit their free session.

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