GinnyGinny Ciszek is trained as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach offering coaching/mentoring programs. She also works as a Medium, Channel, Energetic Healer / Shift Catalyst and Access Conscious Bars facilitator.

Ginny works either in person at events or on the telephone with private clients and groups, on tele-seminars and monthly free channeling conference calls and at psychic fairs, events and private parties.

Her partnership with Susan is an exciting new direction for her work. Ginny’s role is channeling the Guide who wishes to come forward at the time of the session, she describes their attributes and colors to Susan who creates the portrait and then shares the Guide’s message with the client and answers any questions they may have.

Ginny also creates (with the Guides) an empowered link between the client and their portrait for them to more easily connect and receive Divine Guidance in the future.

“I see myself as a translator for Spirit facilitating more clarity, understanding and expansion for my clients and myself through my work. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to assist others and deeply touch their hearts. I feel their hearts more fully opening as well as my own. It is truly a privilege!”


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