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Susan McAliley began her career as a freelance Artist in 1987 and illustrated primarily for American Girl Doll Company from 1989-2009. She also provided a high quality pet portrait oil painting service for several years.

In 2011 she began Spirit Guide artwork and is currently working at psychic fairs and exclusive gatherings sketching Spirit Guides and giving messages and/or symbols under the name  Spirit Art by Susan.

Each session is interesting, heartwarming, and spiritually healing. People have found greater confidence and a sense of peace as they have been able to release various fears such as feeling alone in the world.

Because of the physical manifestation in each portrait a stronger energy connection is created with a person’s guides. Or, perhaps you already know your Guide and connection and would like a visual image to have.

Susan understands that she is an instrument for healing, and it is the Source energy, with the Spirit Guide working through her that makes the energy magic happen.

SAS LOGO 100dpi


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